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The Innerspace Program - Level One - Junior (BR1808)


The Innerspace Programs - Proactive Groupwork Programs for Schools, Agencies & Private Practice

LEVEL ONE - JUNIOR - 7 - 9 years
Brisbane - Two Days September 9 - 10, 2008
Gumtree Gardens,
99 Gumtree St. (off Persse Rd.)
TIMES: 9am to 5pm each day
$450 - includes refreshments, lunch, manuals

All levels of the Innerspace programmes support students affected by grief and loss; those at risk of depression, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, and developing behavioural difficulties.

These programs use writing, emotional fluency tools, emotional mapping, use of music, bioenergetics, relaxation skills, self-esteem exercises, visualisation and self-discovery worksheets.

Developed for three age groups: Level One  - Junior - 7 to 9 year olds; Level Two - Middle School - 10 to 14 year olds; Level Three - Secondary - 15 - 19 year olds.

These 2-day courses will teach you to use the new practical six-week groupwork programs for schools, agencies and private practice.

Based on the theories and activities of Expressive Therapies, there is a particular focus on knowing self and being able to communicate.




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