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Certificate in Sandplay & Symbol Work Workshop Two (BR0708)


Certificate in Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work with Children, Adolescents and Adults
Brisbane - 4 Days.  Gumtree Gardens, Runcorn.  BR0708. $970.00
Workshop Two June 7th - 10th.
Advanced Skills, Psychological Frameworks.    
Gumtree Gardens
Sandplay Therapy is a hands-on, expressive counselling and psychotherapy modality that has been in use for over seventy years.
Sandplay forms a bridge between verbal therapy and the expressive therapies, combining elements of each. Sandplay allows the deeper aspects of the psyche to be worked with naturally and in safety, and is highly effective in reducing the emotional causes behind difficult behaviours.
With an extensive research and literature base, Sandplay is a powerful therapeutic method for use by established professionals. It has been used with children, adolescents and adults, in schools, hospitals, welfare agencies and private therapy practices.
This is the most extensive training in Sandplay therapy available in Australia. Fifteen days over four workshops. Students must progress from workshops 1 to 4.

Workshop One:    Foundation Skills.  March 26th - 30th
Workshop Two:   Advanced Skills, Psychological Frameworks (Workshop 1 is
a prerequisite) June 7th - 10th
Workshop Three: Research, Theory & Development of Practice.  September 12th - 14th
Workshop Four:   Transpersonal Aspects, Supervision.  November 7th to 9th

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