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Certificate in Emotion-Focussed & Transpersonal ET (BR1008)


Certificate in Emotion-Focussed & Transpersonal Expressive Therapies with Adult Clients (NEW COURSE)
Brisbane - 3 Days
Workshop One: March 12th, 13th, 14th
Gumtree Gardens
Learn through action - increase your confidence through blending theory and extensive skills development. Through discussion, study, experiential interaction and self-reflection you will develop confidence with Expressive Therapies and heightened self-awareness. This course is designed for those who are drawn to a strength-based, emotion-focussed and person-centred approach. Each workshop is organised around a core topic and focuses on developing skills with several modalities.

Workshop One:    Exploring Emotions. March 12th - 14th
Workshop Two:    Moving Beyond Old Patterns Family of Origin Work.  May 14th - 16th
Workshop Three:  Individuation and Differentiation Making Sense of Self.  July 4th - 6th
Workshop Four:    Focus on Transpersonal & Perinatal Influences. September 5th - 7th
Workshop Five:     Integrative Practices & Enhancing Creativity. November 4th - 6th, 2008

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