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TWO-DAY TRAINING: 28 & 29 June, 2024

Body Awareness in Integrative Counselling

Introducing Somatic-Focused Expressive Therapies


Trainer: Dr Mark Pearson


The wisdom of the body has been neglected in the evolution of cognitive and behaviourally focused therapy. Focussing on the body, its sensations, feelings and energies enables clients to enhance their therapeutic gains, achieve clearer cognition and establish a more rewarding relationship to the life of their emotions.


This experiential two-day training will introduce a range of creative arts-based therapy skills, including the use of sensory art, body focus techniques, using movement through bioenergetics for self-awareness and stress release, effective relaxation techniques for those who may struggle to be still and quiet.


In this training you will learn to guide clients to use somatic signals to support self-understanding, combat excessive self-criticism, enhance emotional regulation and improve self-care.


COST:  $565 (includes training manual and refreshments. BYO lunch)  

DATE & TIMES: 28 & 29 June, 2024. Each day from 9am to 5pm

WHAT TO BRING:  Pen, journal or notebook, lunch.

WHERE:  Expressive Therapies Training & Consulting Rooms - Redcliffe - Moreton Bay.


For detailed flyer and Registration Form contact:     

Ph: 0419 492 713


Extract from Pearson & Wilson, 2009:

While some therapeutic approaches stress the need to recognise and repair cognitive dysfunction, in ET it is equally critical to pay attention to somatic experience and understand the importance of psycho-physiological connections. What seems evident is that if we focus on removing the symptom only, then in terms of healing potential this is 'tantamount to killing the messenger' (Rossi, 1990).


Rather than aiming for relief of, or diversion from presenting symptomology, ET increases the ways a counsellor can draw the client's attention to the body's messages. Along with expanding the ways they respond to reported somatic symptoms, this focus can lead to assisting a client to, and increasing their skills for, self-exploration and achieving emotional and psychological change. 




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