Training Courses in Perth


Swanbourne, Perth, WA: 25 - 27 August, 2017

Certificate in Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work

- with children, adolescents & adults

Trainers and Course Creators: Helen Wilson and Dr Mark Pearson

Recognised by the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association and the Australian Counselling Association and various PACFA member associations, for PD points.

The course is 12 days, made up of four 3-day training workshops, spread over 6 months

WORKSHOP ONE:  Foundation Skills - One: 25 - 27 August, 2017   3 days 

Introduction to Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work

- practical experience, history and theory

Overview of literature

Role-play techniques to support integration

Input on sandplay equipment

Contraindications for use of symbolic work and role-play

Illustrated case studies

WORKSHOP TWO:  Skills Two - From Theory to Practice   

13 - 15 October, 2017

WORKSHOP THREE: Symbolic Expression, Dreams & Research   

8 - 10 December, 2017

WORKSHOP FOUR: Transpersonal Contexts, Supervision  

2 - 4 February, 2018

VENUE: WorkSpace Unlimited, 139 Claremont Cres., Swanbourne, WA.

FEES: $820 per 3-day training (Early bird discount $50 if paid one month before course starts)

If you would like a registration form, or to be on our email up-date list, please let us know: 
Phone: 0419 492 713  Thank you.


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