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Redcliffe, Queensland


Advanced Sandplay Therapy:

Wonder, Awe & Nourishment in the Land of Sands

With Dr Helen Wilson

Do you ever experience a background ‘hum’ of fatigue and disenchantment with some aspects of life? Do you ever wonder how to embrace your own inner uncertainty that accompanies the nature of therapeutic work with symbols and story? What about puzzlement in relation to clients’ sandplay processes?

What we already know is that Sandplay opens the door to full connection with our human experience in all its complexity, light and shade. Importantly Sandplay very obviously also shines direct light on the beauty, purpose and meaning of life.  We should not miss focusing on these.

So … what do, or could, these questions mean for us as therapist? 

During these three days, we will explore what Katherine May (2023) speaks of as a desire to “reawaken our innate sense of wonder and awe”.  In this course our journeying in the Land of Sands can lead us to something akin to a ‘walk into the wilds’ of our uniqueness. That walk ensures we find our way ‘home’ to peace and tranquillity - a state in which we can observe easefully, with wonder and awe, the often-mysterious unfolding of a client’s process.

To Register: Please complete a Registration Form available from Helen at or phone her on 042 112 9117 if you have any questions.

Workshop fee: $895 includes manual, morning/afternoon teas.

Please note: Prior completion OR near completion of the ETA Certificate in Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work (or equivalent), is a prerequisite for registration. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come/first served basis. That is, a place will be allocated on receipt of payment of the workshop fee. 

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